Terms and conditions

By placing an order, the client confirms that he has taken note of and accepted these Terms and Conditions (TC). These conditions apply to all business relations between GOLDTEXT and the Client, unless otherwise agreed.

GOLDTEXT reserves the right to refuse orders that cannot be executed because of constraints on the time or resources available or for other reasons.  If the order contains elements that cannot be edited electronically, GOLDTEXT undertakes to inform Customer without delay and to propose alternative types of processing. GOLDTEXT reserves the right to refuse the processing of elements that cannot be edited.


Customer is entitled to request changes to the agreed scope of the service after the order has been issued (e.g. amendments or additions to the texts to be processed). Customer shall be invoiced for the additional time and effort incurred by GOLDTEXT. Customer also takes note that the agreed delivery period shall be extended by the time needed for the additional processing.


Unless agreed otherwise, GOLDTEXT delivers the work result using the same media selected by Customer for sending the document to be processed to GOLDTEXT. The work result can also be made available to Customer via portals defined or operated by GOLDTEXT.


GOLDTEXT undertakes to secure the resources required for the professional execution of the order and to comply with the agreed delivery period. Customer shall be informed immediately of any other delays. GOLDTEXT does not accept any liability for delays caused by unforeseen events and by events beyond the control of GOLDTEXT as well as for events of force majeure.


Unless agreed otherwise, the invoice shall be sent to Customer by email or by regular mail. Invoices must be paid within 10 days from the invoice date. After a 2nd written reminder has been sent, GOLDTEXT shall be entitled to charge CHF 30. In addition, interest at the usual rate may be charged from the 30th day after the due date.

Customer undertakes to check the work result for any errors and shortcomings immediately upon receipt. Customer must inform GOLDTEXT in writing and providing full details of any complaints within 7 days from receipt of the work result. If the work result deviates from the conditions agreed when the order was issued, Customer can ask GOLDTEXT to correct the work result within a reasonable period of time at GOLDTEXT’s expense. GOLDTEXT expressly rejects requests for post-processing that are based on subjective preferences regarding phraseology and writing style. GOLDTEXT reserves the right to invoice Customer for the costs incurred to investigate unjustified complaints. GOLDTEXT does not accept any liability for work results that are post-processed by Customer or a third party.


GOLDTEXT rejects any and all warranties and liability for the quality, correctness and consistency of the work result if the work result is post-processed, changed or supplemented without the consent of GOLDTEXT. GOLDTEXT is only liable for gross negligence and damage caused wilfully up to the amount of the fee already paid for this order by Customer. Any and all liability for indirect damage (e.g. lost profits, third-party claims) is excluded.


Customer can cancel an order at any time before it is finalised. In this case, Customer has to pay the costs incurred until the time when the order was cancelled. GOLDTEXT treats all documents and information provided by Customer in confidence. Swiss Law shall apply to any disputes regarding these TC, without regard to the choice of law provisions of private international law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.